Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Integrated Project Delivery




Coastal has provided CAD services for the last 25 years, with 3D CAD being offered the last 15 years. We stay on the leading edge of BIM technology and has fully integrated Coastal Mechanical services to follow the design industry standards and innovations. With multiple Designers and lead Coordinators on staff, Coastal provides a wide range of trade knowledge and flexibility as part of our BIM services.


-Reduces Costly Construction Changes & Delays

-Seamless Design & Trade Coordination Information

-Controlled Cost Environment

As a result, Coastal has developed a true understanding of the meaning of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and what Collaborative Project Delivery is truly about.

Coastal provides

-Lead Coordination Services

-Co-located BIM Services (In-house 3D Coordination & Design Assistance)

-Highly detailed coordination, fabrication & shop drawings

-Trimble Total Station Layout System (Hand-Held Jobsite Sleeve & Hangar Layout System)

-Plan Reviews for Constructability & Schedule compliance

-Equipment and Vendors selection assistance

-Cost-Containment reviews

-Integration of the As-built Drawing into the 3D/BIM model

Coastal's Collaborative Project Delivery Philosophy

-Collaborative Project Delivery is about team-work. Being able to integrate organizations and people with regards to their cultures, their technical and organizational abilities, their business interests and their work processes.

-Integrating project organizations is done in the interest of providing a supportive and collaborative project environment which allows the team to meet the owner objectives.

-Coastal Leads the Drawing / Coordination Process utilizing

In-house Mechanical and Plumbing Designers and Coordinators

-AutoCAD 2016, AutoCAD MEP 2016

-Arch/Eng Coordination Interface Software - Revit MEP 2016

-Clash/Collision Detection - NavisWorks through 2016

-Duct work - FABmep - 3D Ductwork Fabrication Software

-Piping, Plumbing & Med Gas - CADMech - 3D Fabrication Software

-Latest Drafting Software - CAD

-FTP Hosting Site (Coordination File Sharing)

-Go To Meeting (Online Coordination Meeting Services)