Construction Services

Mechanical Design and Estimating

Budgeting & Estimating

Budgeting: We have recent, detailed, and historical data from projects Coastal performed to help produce realistic numbers for our clients. Whether it's conceptual, schematic, design development or construction documents, we will work in conjunction with the project team throughout the process to aid in creating reasonable figures.

Estimating: All our estimating is done in one location at our headquarters in Melbourne. Our staff has over 150 years combined experience and uses a project's budget development to aid in their final cost determination. We also offer value engineering and design review services.

-Detailed, Market-Specific Historical Performance and Project Data

-Systemized Take-off Procedure

-Multi-Supplier Pricing

Engineering Department at Coastal Mechanical Services


Our Engineering Department uses the latest in 3D mechanical software to produce accurate coordination drawings.

Material takeoffs and fabrication spool drawings are generated directly from the 3D coordination drawing. By using the latest in technology, we are able to fabricate virtually every stick of pipe in our shop before it goes to the job site.

The end result is a consistent, quality installation completed on time and within budget.

-3D CADDuct/CADPipe Software

-Highly Detailed Fabrication & Shop Drawings

-Leads the Trade Coordination Process

-Reduces Costly Construction Changes & Delays

-Seamless Design & Coordination Information

Mechanical Pre-fabrication Services


Coastal's three-acre facility in Melbourne fabricates large sections of pipe and ductwork for all our projects. We meet tight construction schedules and still maintain the highest quality in the industry. This creates a tremendous competitive advantage which the owner and construction manager realize in cost-savings.

Coastal offers in-house fabrication of duct systems and custom sheet metal components, therefore, our customers benefit by having the right material on the job created as cost-effectively as possible.

Our fabrication shop boasts state-of-the-art equipment, and our people use the latest techniques and equipment to create top quality products for field installation.

-State-of-the-Art Equipment

-Pipe & Duct Sections Pre-Fabricated & Shipped to Job Site

-Maintains System Integrity

-Ensures High Quality and Schedule Adherence


Once the project logistics and sequence have been analyzed and the engineering drawings have been coordinated with all trades involved, Coastal then employs the Short Interval Production Planning (SIPP) process for the duration of the project. Beginning with priority wall identification and coordination, the SIPP process takes a weekly "look-ahead" for the next three weeks and detailed manpower and supplies are scheduled. This process offers tremendous advantages by not only ensuring the schedule, but also by actively driving the project.

This detailed project sequence helps to ease:

-Material extractions

-Batch sizes


-Material handling and staging


-Specialty contractor scheduling and coordination

Commissioning, Start-Up, & Warranty

Our staff is involved from the beginning of the project, and they lead the commissioning process by coordinating with the construction manager, electrician, temperature controls contractor, test and balance and of course, the owner and inspectors.

We submit our O&M's no later than at 80% completion, develop internal punch lists and perform follow-up inspections with formal reports 30, 90, 180 and 360 days after occupancy.