Volusia County Courthouse

Volusia County Courthouse

Owner : Volusia County

Architect : Vitetta Group

Engineer : Tilden, Lobnitz, Cooper

Construction Manager : Haskell, Peck & Assoc.

Location : Deland, FL

Job Description:

Volusia County's new $45.5-million Courthouse (the size of a city block) is the home the Circuit & County Courts, Court Administration, the Clerk of Courts, the State Attorney, the Public Defender, elements of the Sheriff's Office, a variety of court support and building support operations. Coastal Mechanical's portion of this major project was a $3.2 million HVAC & Plumbing installation.

Coastal Mechanical Installed:

-255 fan power boxes and VAVs

-7 exhaust fans

-Over 1,700 grilles (including security grilles)

-Over 500 linear grilles

-Over 600 fire smoke dampers (24V)

-Over 700 manual volume dampers & quadrants

-Two 500 ton chillers

-Two 500 ton cooling towers

-Six chilled water & condenser water pumps & VFD's

-33 chilled water air handling units with VFD's & electric heat with duct sound attenuators