Employee Spotlight

Jon Martin

This Guy has what it takes to get the job done.

Jon Martin is a sheet metal Journeyman and superintendent for Coastal in the central branch. His older brother was a sheet metal guy and introduced him to the trade. He had 9 years of experience with  MSI and Pro Tech when he came to Coastal and had already gone through NCCER apprenticeship.

Jeff Geiger and I interviewed Jon Martin together in September of 2007. The interview went well, and he started with Coastal as a foreman at Sandlake Hospital in October.

 As soon as he came on board, Jon hit the ground running proving that he was a very aggressive, hard- working, and a production pushing leader. He earned the respect of his team, peers and the Coastal leaders for his hard work.

 In 2013 Jon thought the grass looked greener on the other side and left us for about a year. He tried his hand at being a PM but didn’t like that or the company he was at and came back to Coastal (I think he just missed me).

 Jon came back onboard with Coastal in 2014 and got right back into his work again working hard like always.

 Jon said in his 10 years at Coastal he has learned a lot and wanted to give credit to Danny Stigers for a lot of that.

 Jon has been a great mentor for a lot of our employees over the years, and he is well-respected by those he has trained.

He can be counted on. Jon is always willing to sacrifice his personal life to get the job done for Coastal. He has done this many times. Once he was assigned to fix and complete a job that another super who left us had started. There were a lot of problems and Jon dug in and did what it took to get it done. It needed to be complete by the end of the year and even though Jon had planned a vacation with his family at Christmas, he canceled this to get the job done. These were not his mistakes, but it didn’t matter to him. Once he said he would complete the job he took it on as his own and got it done and met the deadline.

 Jon is a very innovative forward-thinking kind of guy. He is always trying to think of a better, faster, and easier way to get it done. When it comes to these AHU change outs that Coastal has been doing a lot of, Jon is the best. He has been watching over multiple jobs at one time and again is training others on how to do this.

 Jon also takes stress very well. He has had a lot of jobs that most would complain about but that’s not his way. The tougher the job the more of a challenge it is the more he seems to like it.

 Jon is one of those guys that helps make Coastal great and we’re glad to have him.

Jon and his wife Marcia, who is a schoolteacher, have been married for 15 years and have 3 kids: Justin is 12, Addison is 9, and James is 8 months.

Jon likes spending time with his family. He likes baseball and softball and even played on a travel league. He also likes playing ball with his son, riding ATVs, running RC cars and gator hunting.  

 Jon is another reason that Coastal is the best mechanical contractor in Florida.

 -Mike Cole