Employee Spotlight

Lea Forest

Lea has been with Coastal since February.  She is a very welcome addition to the Coastal team.  She was hired for our Melbourne Office as a much-needed receptionist. She answers our phones and welcomes visitors with a very friendly and professional attitude.  Her upbeat personality spreads throughout our building and she puts a smile on every face that enters our doors.  Not only is Lea our receptionist but she has become a valued assistant to our HR department.  She manages most of our data entry, employee’s PTO time and our Coastal Online orientation.

When Lea is caught up on her HR and receptionist duties, she offers and helps any other department that needs her.

Lea is a single Mother of four incredible children, Amber, Raina, Brianna, and Greyson and a Grandmother to the most adorable Grandbaby, Kai, that is her whole world right now. She also has a furry son named Ringo, an adorable 10-pound toy poodle that she affectionately says she could “take her make-up off with”. She is a Certified Laughter Yoga instructor (yes, laughter…she mentioned that she can’t twist herself into any interesting pretzel shapes…) and enjoys teaching Seniors this fun new form of exercise (Enlighten-Up Laughter Yoga). She is a hopeful entrepreneur and a product developer with a provisional patent. She appreciates a mostly vegetarian diet, and loves God, her family, and her Country (in that order) and feels very blessed in all areas of her life.  She has always aspired to lead her children by example with hard work, dedication, humility, integrity, pride and above all else – kindness. (oh yeah, and the occasional jokes…:) She tries hard to always maintain a positive outlook, and if you hadn’t noticed, loves Christmas!

In her spare time she enjoys long walks on the beach (just kidding : ) playing  golf, surf fishing, writing country songs and playing her guitar (was in a band called ‘ Locals Only’ back in the day, as a rhythm guitarist and backup singer), going to muscle car shows (Dream car:  68 black Chevelle SS with the white racing stripes), volunteering in her community,  making people smile, and listening to everything from Mozart to Metallica! (but Led Zeppelin will always be nearest and dearest to her heart.  -Debbie Iovino

“I love my job at Coastal Mechanical and the best part is definitely the people. They are genuine, caring, diverse, hardworking and proud! I love hearing Julie Cowan and Tabitha’s jolly laughter, Debbie’s heartfelt care and concern for all employees, Jeff and Chan working together diligently to keep the helm steady and on course, Julie Fiore keeping everyone in line : ) and  all of the accounting and payroll departments assiduous care and efforts. Not to mention the fishing conversations pre-meetings and some amazing fish dip!  For these and numerous other reasons, this is home… and for that I am truly grateful. “ -Lea Forest