I would LOVE to highlight the work, craftsmanship and teamwork of a job well done that would have made even the most seasoned Plumber just a bit nervous.

On the evening of July 31st 2020 and into the wee hours of August 1st, five of Tampa's finest from the plumbing department had to tackle the ominous beast that is an indoor, 1st floor  ductile iron water main tie-in. It is a task, that I think any plumber would be a little more than apprehensive about. But, it had to get done, so that's exactly what happened.

   We had previously already determined all of the appropriate shutoffs, drain points and points higher up to allow air into the system for a beautiful evacuation of all but just a couple of drops of water at the point of connection (POC). This sort of action, one that always seems mundane or cumbersome and time consuming, must be done ahead of time in order to make these tie-ins safest for our employees and even better piece of mind in the long run, for the customer. Extra work ahead of time made a huge difference of outcome at the conclusion.

    Then came the cutting of the ductile iron. In Cardiac Rehab. Above an existing to remain, drop ceiling. In an ICRA designated zone. In other words...not too much room to work. But we had plenty.

So out came the grinder with the diamond coated cut-off wheel. The faceshields went down, the grinder buzzed and howled and before long we had demo'd out enough pipe to make our connection. We hoisted down that old piece and up came a new valve. We transitioned to the new stainless steel we had run to complete the reroute weeks ago.

   Now, came the moment of truth. Everyone waiting for the tower to refill. All eight floors need to be topped off, excess air purged from the top. And that's when we had confirmation. Another victory Another Successful water shudown completed without even the smallest issue. 

  I wanted everyone to know, how much I appreciate a team, that can come together. These men brought all of their minds, bodies, training and experience to work with them in the Middle of the night. They did it for the joy of making their customers appreciative and most of all for making Coastal even stronger. You guys are simply the best in the BIZ!! Thanks to you all,

-Fred Grenz, Plumbing Superintendent

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