Orlando City Soccer Stadium

Orlando City Soccer Stadium

About the Project

The Orlando City Soccer Stadium was one of those challenging yet rewarding projects. When Coastal was awarded the project, the structural foundations were in progress and Coastal was challenged to coordinate and procure material with little to no time for error. Coastal successfully coordinated and installed our mechanical and plumbing systems in less then a year using high tech BIM model coordination and utilizing prefabrication. The mechanical system included 37 RTUs (with associated ductwork/VAVs), 4 CRAC systems, 20 VRF systems (20 heat pumps with 50 indoor FCUs), 37 mini splits, 860 grilles, 10,000’ of refrigerant piping, and 90,000 #s of ductwork. The plumbing system included 20,000’ of underground, 60,000’ of aboveground, 1,100 fixtures, 210 pcs of plumbing equipment, approximately 25 kitchen/concession areas, and around 1,000 drains/cleanouts.

All of this was possible due to the focus by our manufacturing department to accomplish coordination while others on their team were spooling and building prefab. The project managers were deliberate in their prioritizing material procurement to ensure the equipment and material was hitting the jobsite when or before it was required. The field supervisors were left with the challenge to execute the plan and get everything installed and inspected prior to the first game. The final 3 weeks of the project were a mad scramble by all trades to get everything up and running for the first game, but with the hard work and dedication of the team, that first game was a huge success! Many of our key guys got to attend the first few games and the sense of pride when it was all said and done was worth all the hard work to get there. The Orlando City Soccer Stadium is truly a project to be proud of!

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