St. Joseph’s Hospital South

St. Joseph’s Hospital South

About the Project

St Joseph’s South is a 447,000 SF greenfield hospital in Riverview, Florida. This included 334,000 SF of hospital, 86,000 SF of attached medical office space, and a 27,000 SF central energy plant. The hospital included 90 patient beds, plus 22 observation beds. 24 beds are mother-baby, 28 are intensive care, and the balance are med/surgery rooms. For procedures, the building also includes an MRI, two CT rooms, two R/F rooms, 4 labor/delivery rooms, 2 women’s operating rooms, 4 operating rooms, and two IR rooms. The mechanical equipment included 30 air handling units, 100 fans, 32 fan coil units, and 27 CRAC units.

The CEP included three 1,000-ton York centrifugal chillers, three BAC cooling towers, and 5 Aerco condensing boilers. Coastal partnered with Petroleum Equipment Construction to provide three 10,000 gallon fuel tanks and 2,000 gallon diesel exhaust fluid system for some of the first dual-fuel tier IV generators in the state.

This partnership with Barton Malow and Baycare started years before construction started through the preconstruction process. SSR and Gresham Smith chaired design review and coordination meetings every two weeks to facilitate feasibility and input during the design process. Coastal had a full-time coordinator stationed at SSR’s Sarasota office working hand-in-hand with the mechanical designers on drafting the plumbing and mechanical systems. Thanks to Coastal’s 250+ pre-construction RFI’s, post-construction change orders were minimal. Also, the additional time spent coordinating the above-ceiling systems facilitated a smooth installation process.

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