About the Project

Hanger 39A– Work on this project included the brand new hanger that currently is home to the Falcon Heavy Payload for the given days it prepares for launch. We installed the air-cooled chiller, dehumidifiers, pumps, RTUs, mechanical piping and ductwork.

Magellan Building– This building is utilized for SpaceX customers. With that said, you can only imagine what is transported through this building. We installed 500’ of double wall ductwork on the roof to the owner-provided roof top units.

Launch Pad 40– This is considered to be the 2nd launch site for SpaceX. After the explosion that took place on this pad; reconstruction was required to get the launch site back in operation for future launches. The first launch took place end of 2017 as Coastal Mechanical was part of this milestone by hitting fast required dates assigned by SpaceX. This behind the scenes work that was completed has helped the successful launches from pad 40. The scope of work consisted of installing an air cooled chiller, pump room and 800’ of chilled water piping, along with (8) Air Handlers and associated ductwork.

Landing Zone Hanger– This is considered to be the special effects of SpaceX as where the world watches the rockets return from the atmosphere and land back on a pad. This process has helped SpaceX with cost savings as they can reuse these certain stages of the rockets for future launches. This scope of work consisted of installing the owner-provided unit on the ground floor, Install of the ductwork to run along the side of the building with a duct sox finish internal of the hanger.